17Keypad Handheld LED Contact MSR Contactless NFC Pinpad Credit Card Reader For Financial Industry Z90PD


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  • Model Number: Z90PD
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Standard: X9.8, X9.9
  • Algorithm: DES/3DES
  • Buzzer: Monotone
  • Keypad: 17 keys
  • Smart Card Read /Write: 9,600-115,200 bps
  • Card Insertion Cycles: Min. 200,000
  • Supply Current: Max. 50 mA


Z90PDis an All-In-OnedesktopPIN-pad reader that combines contact smart card, magnetic stripe and contactless technologies.It has LED indicators, 128 x 64 high-resolution graphical LCD, buzzer.Z90PDhas passed thePBOC Level 1andPBOC Level 2. It can be applied in banking, transportation, healthcare, government and retail sector.



Ø128×64 dot-matrix LCD, support backlight

Ø4 LED status indicators

Ø17-key keypad

Ø1 or 2 slots for full-size smart card reader/writer compliance with ISO/IEC 7816

ØContactless card reader/writer compliance with ISO/IEC 14443 part 1-4

ØConfigurable 1 to 4 SAM slots

ØMagnetic Stripe Support

ØRS232 interface

ØUSB full speed

ØSupport buzzer

ØSupport firmware upgrade

ØOptional external privacy shield

ØCertifications:PBOC Level 1, PBOC Level 2


Supported Card Types

1.Contact SmartCards

T=0 or T=1 protocol

ISO 7816-Compliant Class A, B, C (5V, 3V, 1.8V)

2.Contact Memory Cards

Cards following the I2C bus protocol (free memory cards) with capability, including:

Atmel: AT24C01/02/04/08/18/32/64/128

Cards with intelligent 1 KB EEPROM with write-protect function, including:

Infineon: SLE4418, SLE4428, SLE5518 and SLE5528

3.Contactless Cards

ISO 14443-Compliant, Type A & B Standard, parts 1 to 4, T=CL protocol


4.Magnetic Stripe Cards





Physical Specifications
Case Color Black or Grey
Weight 310g
Memory 2 KB Flash
Power Source Battery
Supply Voltage 5 V DC
Supply Current Max.500 mA
USB Interface
Type Type A, USB full speed
Power Source From USB
Speed 12 Mbps
Firmware Upgradable through USB interface
Interface Class HID compliance
Cable Length 1.5 m fixed cable
Contactless Smart Card Interface
Standard ISO-14443 A & B part 1-4
Protocol Mifare®ClassicProtocols, T=CL
SmartCardRead /WriteSpeed 106kbps
OperatingDistance Up to40 mm
Operating Frequency 13.56 MHz
Contact Smart Card Interface
Number of Slots 1 or 2 ID-1 Slots
Standard ISO/IEC7816 ClassA,B, C(5V,3V, 1.8V)
Protocol T=0; T=1
Supply Current Max. 50 mA
Short Circuit Protection (+5) V /GND on all pins
Card Connector Type ICC Slot 0: Landing
SmartCardRead /WriteSpeed 9,600-115,200bps
Card Insertion Cycles Min. 200,000
SAM Card Interface
Number of Slots 4ID-000 slots
CardConnectorType Contact
Standard ISO/IEC7816 Class B (3V)
Protocol T=0; T=1
SmartCardRead /WriteSpeed 9,600-115,200 bps
Magnetic Stripe Card Interface
Standard ISO7811
Track 1/2/3, Bi-directional
Reading Supported
Built-in Peripherals
Keypad 17 keys
LCD Display 128×64 dot-matrix LCD displaywith backlight
Buzzer Monotone
LED StatusIndicators 4LEDs for indicating status

(from left most:blue,yellow, green, red)

PIN-pad Encryption
Algorithm DES/3DES
Standard X9.8, X9.9
Operating Conditions
Temperature 0°C –50°C
Humidity 5% to93%, non-condensing
Certifications/Compliance ISO/IEC7816, ISO/IEC14443,PBOC Level 1, PBOC Level 2
Supported Operating Systems Windows® XP, Windows® 7, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10, Linux®





ØBankingand Payment

Øe-Purse and Loyalty



17Keypad Handheld LED Contact MSR Contactless NFC Pinpad Credit Card Reader For Financial Industry Z90PD



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